Sunday, January 01, 2006

Saxon Studios, cont

The folllowing was contributed by Dave McIntire:

The next lineup of CbJE also recorded at Saxon in '87, making a 45 for Jim Huey's AFM Records with "Sophisticated" as the A side, backed with Phil's great instrumental, "Havoc Theme." The single was released locally in Rochester, and these songs later made their way onto the

Fundamental Records cd release of the first album as "bonus tracks." I like the songs and the recording isn't bad, but would say that they didn't really fit in on that first album release; the newer band's sound had changed too much. Also, John Ebert, Ken Frank and I had not been in the band too long, and our sound was still coming into focus.

We (along with many other bands back then) were in a strange limbo back then, as recording formats were in such flux. 45's were still considered important for "breaking" a group, LPs were still going strong, and CDs were largely an unknown commodity, but seemed to be important. And cassettes were still a strong format, so until we made 'Solid! Behind the Times,' everything was issued on three formats, an expensive and irritating necessity.

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