Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hello, readers of Colorblind James and Me, and welcome to this newest collaboration of Phil, Ken and myself. I have been blogging about my time in CbJE for a while now, and recently Phil suggested that we join forces in our writings. It's a fine idea, and I've never been able to turn Phil down whenever he's asked me to participate in a project. When he suggested that I try out for CbJE in the spring of 1987, I couldn't say no. When he wanted to try out an all-improvisational rock band (The Hotheads) and invited me to join, I couldn't say no. When he asked me to sit in with LaLaLand, I couldn't say no. All of those experiences were musical highlights of my life and Phil's and Ken's extraordinary musicianship has my permanent admiration. Changing my policy now seems like pure folly... so, yes, yet again.

If you're a reader of Phil's unfolding saga of CbJE, you may wish to also read some of my earlier longwinded thoughts about the group and our work together. Simply click on the "Colorblind Days and Nights" link to be instantly transported to that blog. I'll try not to duplicate any of those postings here, though I may transfer some of the photos and memorabilia to this site, in a shameless attempt to get Phil and Ken to comment on them. As for "revisionist history," I will try to do my best to avoid it, although I may be tempted at points. Plenty of warts on my contribution to the band... Let the liveliness begin!

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