Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Blog Title and...The Sheffield Lads

I've changed the title of this blog from Colorblind James and Me to The Colorblind James Experience: Absolutely More! for a couple of reasons. As the story begins to move towards the period of European tours, I've invited Dave McIntire, saxophones and clarinets, and Ken Frank, bass, to contribute directly to the blog. With individual points of view and the likelyhood of fuzzy memories and the potential for revisitionist history, this account should be quite lively at times.

The phrase "Absolutely more" followed us throughout the U.K. and was coined by a pair of blokes we affectionately christened The Sheffield Lads. After the first song of the first gig at the Fulham Greyhound we began to hear what would become a familiar and welcome chorus from the audience: "Absolutely more! Absolutely more!"

Paul and Russ, the lads, took it upon themselves to follow us on just about every step of our first tour save for the stint across the channel. I've been able, sporadically, to stay in touch with Russ who is now married with children who in turn has kept me abreast of the ongoing antics of "his best mate" Paul. At the moment, I've lost touch with Russ having lost his email in a pc crash. If you're out there, either of you, write!!

The Sheffield Lads were there from the start and continued their support on both subsequent tours. They were always a welcome sight and lifted our spirits with their northern working class humor and sensibility.

Thanks Paul and Russ, for having been there and helping us get through it all!

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david d. mcintire said...

Thanks Phil, for reminding me about the Sheffield Lads. As you rightly recall, the "Absolutely more!" shout ringing through a club was a warm reminder that we had friends present, and made some depressing moments on the tours a lot less bleak. I don't think I have any pictures of those guys in my materials, but if I find one I'll post it here. And speaking of the Fulham Greyhound show, that's a moment in the band's history that very much needs to be posted about soon.