Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Episode Three

Here's the second part of the CbJE Gospel Album. The playlist is as follows:

Daniel In the Lion's Den (live)
The Wives Of the Saints (live)
Three Of Them and One Of Us (live radio)
Jesus At the Still
Four Horsemen
Death Fears No Man

I'd actually meant to put this live version of "Daniel In the Lion's Den" on the last podcast but it slipped my mind in the rush of events of the day. So here it is now. Phil's solo is spectacular; I couldn't leave it off. And if you've never heard "Four Horsemen" before, it's one of Chuck's most hilarious and peculiar lyrics ever, with a bizarre and loopy groove from the band to match. I think it probably comes fairly close to capturing the spirit of the "Book of Oswald" that he wrote back in high school. "Three Of Them and One Of Us" is similar, but Chuck's a bit angrier in this one.

Here's where to get it:

Podcast activity will slow down for a bit, while I attend to other matters; probably nothing more will happen until mid-June. Then, in upcoming episodes we'll explore the quirky side of CbJE, take a look at the Blind Willie McTell legacy of the band, and I'll also post some selections from some of our Bob Dylan shows as well. The ones from '91 and 92 have some terrific material. And the sound isn't too bad, either.

And quirky opinions of all sorts may be vented with:

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chrisgavin said...

THANKYOU for publishing this blog! I was a big CBJE fan, and was lucky to see the band play in the UK (Hull Adelphi club) many years ago now: just re-discovered the music here and am much enjoying the podcasts.

david d. mcintire said...

Thanks Chris. We very much enjoyed playing at the Adelphi, and I'll probably blog about that at some point.

Tom said...

speaking as another Adelphi visitor, I'm very much looking forward to that David!

rockumental said...

Thank you so much for posting this material. It's beautiful to listen to the music that to me encapsulates what rochester is all about. matt

alanforduk said...

The podcasts can now be downloaded via