Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's Here!

Happy Buster Cornelius Day! Today is the launch of the Colorblind James: Absolutely More! podcast, and Episode One is already up and running. You may download it at:

The playlist for Episode One is:

Buster Cornelius (live)
Leopardskin Pillbox Hat (live)
Forgotten Man (live radio)
Fourth Floor Rock
I'm Never Gonna Hurt the Girl I Love
St. James Infirmary

As promised, there's a bit of background and commentary at the beginning and end. I hope just the right amount. The audio quality is variable, though I personally think it's fairly listenable. Audiophiles should probably avoid it. I'll work on getting the podcast available through iTunes shortly, so you can just subscribe to it and have it automatically downloaded if you wish. Feedback will be greatly appreciated. Collect 'em all! Trade 'em with your friends!

Comments? Questions? Advice?

email: davidmcintire "at"


ken said...

Nice Job, Dave. I don't even remember recording 4th Floor Rock! Great song.

Don Argus said...

Dear Uncle Rex and Dave,
Greetings from Seattle and Happy belated Buster Cornelius Day.

Once in awhile I get to surfin' and tonight I thought, what's out there on the Web re: the late lamented Colorblind and friends? Imagine my delight when your brand-spanking new Blog came up in the Google search.

You guys don't know us, but my wife and I are fans. Sometimes we still recite "A Different Bob" to one another in the car.

Back in the day we would drive over to Jazzberry's from Syracuse when we needed a CBJE fix and your rare appearances at Shifty's (where you all could hardly fit on the stage) weren't enough. This was with Bernie on bass, before Ken and the horns,.

The first time we went to Jazzberry's, we thought to honor our host city by ordering Genny Cream Ales, and nearly got laughed out of the place. Thinking quickly, we changed our order to some Canadian brew or other and were allowed to stay.

Another time some experimental outfit from the Eastman School involving a cello, who called themselves "Health & Beauty," opened for you. As I recall, the best thing about them was the name -- wish I'd thought of it. Maybe yet I'll name my architecture firm Health and Beauty some day.

That may be the time that the U of R commencement coincided with your gig and some flower festival or other. You played past closing time I think. We were awfully tired after the show but there was not a room to be had from there clear past Canandaigua. We tried to make it home but ended up sleeping in the car in some Waterloo diner's parking lot.

Of course, a regular feature of your Syracuse gigs was the guest appearances of Rush Tattered, doing "Sophisticated" and "Blue Dog." Phil's line: "Rush, that dog ain't blue!" My brush with fame: my high school English teacher was rumored to date Rush.

One time though, at a gig at Syracuse Stage, a much pared-down lineup showed up, consisting of you Phil, Chuck and Ken, all dressed in black (your Johnny Cash period?). Rush was prepping himself in the back of the house, ready to respond to Chuck's invitation, which that night never came.

At an outdoor show in a pasture somewhere amidst the Finger Lakes, we witnessed Phil get royally pissed at Bobby Henry during CBJE's second set -- the whole festival schedule had fallen way behind, and Bobby was stacking up amps on your stage while you were trying to play, dammit.

Maybe the last time we heard you guys play was in Dennis Friscia's record store in Syracuse. Chuck seemed depressed. He sang a song that went, "Call me sometime, I'll be home . . ." He introduced "I am Joe Montana" by saying, "Once I thought this song was gonna make me a million bucks." Phil, you tried to pull the set more uptempo, so of course Chuck launched into "I'm Rockin' As Fast As I Can."

Well, we lit out for the territories after that, up in the Great Northwest somewhere, and lost touch. We were crushed, as of course all of you who knew him were, to hear belatedly of Chuck's death.

We still have our CBJE LP's, and perhaps the only bootleg cassettes I have ever had -- of one of your performances (could it have been at Nick Tahou's?). "Summer of Love" is on it. I want you all to know that I did not record it myself or pay money for it, nor have I ever copied it or used it for commercial purposes, although I admit I did make "Talk to Me" the greeting on my home answering machine for awhile. We also treasure the moment on the tape where Bernie leads the assembled in a spirited chant of "Death to the Inner Loop! Death to the Inner Loop!" If the tape is something you'd like for the archives, let me know.

Thank you all for many enjoyable evenings in smoky places.


Don Argus

Don Argus said...

Okay, in the light of day I see that the blog thing ain't so new, only the podcast is. Thanks for all the stories that you have posted. This is significant stuff!

Now, regarding Snake Wheel:

Bernie? Bernie, is that you? Where have you been so long?

david d. mcintire said...

Don, thanks for all your great comments and feedback. I can reveal to you that Snake Wheel is not Bernie Heveron; more than that I am not at liberty to say...

More podcast episodes are in the works as we speak. Stay tuned.

Don Argus said...
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Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I eagerly await the next installment.

besy wishes,


alanforduk said...

The podcasts can now be downloaded via