Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Charles James "Brother" Jaffe

I played keyboards in Colorblind's band for 8 years. Recorded 2 cd's with him. His name was James Charles; mine Charles James. His wife was Jan; the mother of my child was a different gal named Jan. The first time I went to Chuck's house I saw an old van and Michael Hurley stepped out of it. This was 1993. I had met Hurley in a commune in Vermont in 1968; never new Chuck new him.

I left home young and hitched out to Haight St. Cal in '67 and lived there for 2 years and lived in communes and travelled with bands and met many colorful folks. Coming to Rochester in 1990 and hooking up with Colorblind and the Rochester community has been the most meaningful days of my life. I really owe it to Chuck and all the people he brought to me. I often speak to Chuck's spirit like he was still here. He is a blessing to me.


Phillip Henry Marshall said...

Bro' Jaffe. Thank you for posting. I never knew about all the "coincidental" connections you had with Chuck.
It's been my pleasure getting to know you, playing and recording with you, and yes, we owe that to Chuck.

Snake Wheel said...

So, a practicing COMMUNEist who one lived on HATE STREET is now contributing to this board?

It's about time, brother.