Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some final thoughts

I realize I haven't posted anything of any substance in quite a long while. It's been a pleasure to have Dave take up my slack. Dave's podcasts have been a real treat as well.

The reality is I believe I've said most everything I need to say regarding the Colorblind James Experience. I wish I could go into more detail regarding the UK/Europe touring but, quite frankly, it's all a blur. Maybe down the road at some point it will come back to me in a flood. But for now, the experience is basically bookended with arriving elated and departing exhausted. We played for a lot of adoring fans who went more beserk during a show than any of our American audiences. We drank a lot of beer and I remember Timothy Taylor's Landlord as being a particular favorite.

Touring with Yeah, Jazz in '88 was fun and I'm happy to report their material has been reissued. They have a MySpace page. Kev, the lead singer, is also spearheading a lovely folk-sounding group called Radio Mary also to be found on MySpace.

In '89 we did a stint with Boy On A Dolphin who were among the nicest fellows we could have hoped to meet. They were a very funky quartet who ended up getting signed to Atlantic. I remember the disappointment hearing that cd and not recognizing anything. The powers that be obviously wanted them to be something else.

One of us got led out of a London music hall by security for smoking a joint. I remember thinking it was all over of us. Fortunately, they led him to the street and told him not to come back. It went no further than that.

John Entwhistle was at the pub in our hotel with his arm around a girl who could've been my daughter. Maybe it was his daughter. What do I know?

I started off the tour hating the Waterboys which Kevin blasted from the van stereo. Now when I hear it, I tear up because it takes me back there.

At one of the oddest gigs we played in Norway, we were playing for an over 40 singles crowd in a hotel bar. There was a lady standing to my left who kept yelling "You are not good! You are very bad!" and insisting that we stop playing.

Playing in Kevin Hunter's home town of Hull was a highpoint. It was a small bar packed to the rafters. I was drenched in sweat before I reached the stage. I remember Chuck coaxing the crowd with "It must be 300 degrees in here! Let's TURN UP THE HEAT!" The crowd went crazy. Kevin sat in on drums and showed us just how precise and powerful he really was.

I loved the Colorblind James Experience. I loved Chuck, Jimmy Mac, Ken, Dave, John Ebert and Joe "the Bone". I loved Carl Gaedt, our 300lb sound man and roadie.

I remember waking up one morning in our hotel in London. No one was around so I threw on my clothes, scraped some change together and went out to get coffee. When I stepped outside the hotel doors, there was Ken in his long black overcoat. He was smoking a butt and was holding 3 styrofoam cups of hot coffee stacked on each other. They were all for him. In that moment I remember smiling and thinking "This is what I've always wanted to do. This is where I'm meant to be. This is who I really am." I've tried to live each day with that feeling ever since.

I may check in from time to time, but I hope the other members of the blog begin or continue to contribute their own memories and thoughts.

Peace always,

-PHil aka Uncle Phil aka Rex Havoc


Tom said...

Hi Phil

I hope you continue to post whatever recollections come your way, I drop in here occasionally and always find the posts entertaining.

I was at both Hull gigs, those nights are still two of the best gigs I've ever been to, the atmosphere was tremendous!

best wishes to you,

Tom Welch

solotoo said...


I've just discovered this blog and am currently listening to podcast 4.
Good to know that there are stil people wanting to hear CBJ music. Listening to these podcasts and reading some of the posts, I wish there was more of the unreleased stuff available.
I made the UK pages mentioned b here Should really try to dig them out and republish them!!

mohneyd said...

hi Phil
the other day [11/12/07]i was having the casual spaghetti dinner after work with the family while listening to XM50 ...and heard "Considering a move to Memphis"
playin .
I was surprised to hear you guys on XM and of course.... told my kids that we were friends...
Then I told them about when you played at my brothers stag party,when people were throwing steaks at the band [I think I threw A baked potato without sour cream & chive]
Makes no sense to me either, but it was just silly fun stupid shit...
Thanks Phil

Anonymous said...

Remember seein cbje at The Boardwalk in Manchester, the gig was great and my most lasting memory was how much of the stage the vibes took up!!!!
Lovely gig, great atmosphere.

Thank You.